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Official Orange [Volume 1] Declassified

Now, you can re-experience the greatness that is the Official Orange web videos. This timeless collection includes the first 4 (5 if you count video 3 as 2 videos, since it was in 2 parts) videos, presented in DVD quality. You WILL buy it and you WILL like it.

The DVD is shipped carefully, in a standard DVD case with a full color insert. The DVD itself is printed on. These aren't your standard home video DVDs. These are professionally made!

DVD Front Cover

Included on the DVD are the first 4 videos all with optional full-length commentaries by Jeff and Elijah, plus 20 minutes of bloopers and deleted scenes, an Official Orange quiz (with reward!), and more! All this accounts for more than 87 minutes of video for only...

Price: $10.00 USD


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